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“A certain timeless elegance”

Devon Wedding Photographer Peter Prior has photographed weddings all over the UK and beyond, including Devon, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, London, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire. Having bases in Devon and East Sussex means that he is local to both areas.

“My aim when photographing a wedding has always been to produce timeless, natural and elegant images that capture the soul and essence of the occasion without being intrusive.

Your wedding album will be far more than a set of pictures. I will have created a piece of family history that will be a priceless heirloom for generations to come.

In fact, your wedding photography is the ONLY thing that increases in value long after the event. Years later it is priceless.

A wedding is an unrepeatable event in a couple’s lives and to me, this should be photographed in a sensitive, discreet manner without being manipulated or ruined by the photographer. I feel that the images captured should show the true emotion and atmosphere of the day enabling viewers to be able to feel as if they were actually there.

Shooting alone, I like to search out moments using dynamic compositions, depth, and dramatic environmental lighting to bring a series of pictures to life. Timing of the releasing of the shutter is paramount and I am always waiting to capture the perfect moment.

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Hi, Peter.

Kelley and I have finally managed to sit down together and view your wedding photos.

Can we just say how delighted we are with the pictures! They are so fantastic, you have captured the fun, love, and atmosphere of our wedding day perfectly…we just cannot find the words to thank you enough!

Thank you so very much again. Speak soon.

Paul & Kelley Gray

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