Wiston House Wedding Photographer

Wiston House Wedding Photographer

Wiston House Wedding Photographer Maggie and Simon

Ever since i started out as a Wedding Photographer almost 17 years ago, Wiston House has been one of my favourite venues. An absolutely stunning mansion set within a vast estate makes for a beautiful and timeless romantic location for a couple’s very special day. Wiston House is located close to Steyning in West Sussex and i am proud and very fortunate to be recommended by the amazing staff as a preferred wedding photographer. I never tire of working at Wiston House. As i drive up the long and winding drive way over the cattle grids towards Wiston House the hairs always stand up on the back of my neck. Its simply awesome!

Maggie and Simon are a fabulous couple. They came to me looking for timesless, relaxed documentary style photography mixed with some extra special images of them as a couple to treasure. My background of being a classically trained wedding photographer meant i was perfect for their needs. Understanding lighting seems to be a forgotten art in these days of digital SLRs, where everyman and his dog is a “wedding photographer”. The skills i was taught from the outset of my career really help to make the difference between a Professional Wedding Photographer and someone who does the job on the side.

Anyway, back to Maggie and Simon’s wedding at Wiston House.

Coverage started at Burpham, where i covered Maggie’s preparations before driving to Wiston House. I love capturing the preps to the first dance as this really enables me to cover the whole story of the day.

Once at Wiston House, i photographed Simon and awaited Maggie’s arrival.

The ceremony was held in the magnificent Great Hall and a drinks reception followed before a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. It was fascinating watching and documenting this part of the day before covering the family groups shots on the back terrace.

The rain then showed it ugly head so i took the opportunity to photograph our stunning bride in the Great Hall. I wanted to create some different images, so admit to taking a few liberties as pushed myself to try some new ideas. Fortunately Maggie and Simon was determined to go for it and this really made my life easy. A break in the rain, enabled us take a walk around the grounds before the wedding breakfast. A funny sketch by a Chinese Stand Up performing friend and some great speeches entertained the guests throughout.

The lull between the meal and the dancing allowed me to create some more images of our lovely couple at sunset and indoors again. A real plus point of Wiston House is that whatever happens there are so many amazing opportunities to capture wonderful images for every couple.

After the cake cutting and bouquet toss it was first dance time. I shot primarily by natural light and this allowed all of the amazing lighting and atmosphere of Wiston House to be retained in the images.

What a great day!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the day of so many images at Wiston House. I thought i should share more of the posed images as Maggie and Simon were such great sports on the day!


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