Wedding Photography Training

Wedding Photography Training

Wedding Photography Training Park Cameras Workshop at Gatwick Manor

I get lots of requests for my wedding photography training courses and have spoken all over the UK for my album companies, professional organisations and Park Cameras as well as running a couple independently myself. If you are interested in my wedding photography training please do not hesitate to get in touch. I offer bespoke training on a 1-2-1 basis and also cater for smaller groups.

Park Cameras had asked me to speak on a wedding photography training day following a very successful two day workshop earlier in the year. They booked Gatwick Manor as the venue and had all the spaces filled again. These wedding photography training courses are deliberately kept to smaller number of delegates so hopefully they can get the maximum out of the day rather than having things very much diluted as often happens at larger seminars.

It was an awfully wet day. On arrival at the Gatwick Manor i was greeted by heavy rain and almost zero light. And it never improved all day!

The morning session of my wedding photography training, saw me give an insight to my business, background and my approach to shooting weddings in all sorts of situations. Most of the delegates were new to the business and they asked many searching questions which i was more than happy to answer the best i could.

Following lunch our wonderful model, Suzanna joined us for a live shoot. It was such a shame that we couldn’t consider shooting outside, using the grounds and bridge at the front of the building. By this time the rain had got far heavier and the light was no better.

Gatwick Manor doesn’t offer many real locations to shoot bridal images inside by natural light. It is very dark and of course we were limited to the area allocated for the seminar. I had to think outside the box and quickly; just as in a real wedding situation. The delegates were obviously keen to see how i would cope in such challenging conditions and as ever i was determined to produce something i would be excited by.

So the pressure was on!

Using just my Nikon D3s and 24-70 2.8 and 180 f2.8 lens i set about producing a few portraits of our stunning “bride” in the confine of what i had to work with. I found 3 locations in close proximity to the seminar and went to work. I shot relatively slowly, as i tried to walk the delegates through each shot i was taking and explained how i develop a shot to create the final image(s). In each image created there is no supplementary lighting added by me. The images sitting on the floor in the main seminar room were all shot using the very soft and low window light. Exposure was around 1/60th sec at 2.8 on 1600iso. The shots in the adjoining bar were shot using the spot lights above the bar and a wall light, exposure was 1/125th sec at 2.8 on 800 iso and the final images in the reception were on 800 iso at 125 sec at 2.8.

I love the lighting styles used in the Hollywood Film type portraits of the 1930s-1950s and so when i saw Suzanna stunning wedding dress (she was married herself a couple of months ago) i decided to try to create images using 90 degree lighting in a similar style.

Thanks to Leah at Park Cameras, Suzanna for her patience and talent, the delegates for being so kind and Nick at South West Photomounts for all his support as usual. Finally thanks to Emma at Gatwick Manor for all her hard work and help on the day.

Here are a few images that i have created from this very challenging shoot.

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