One to One Photography Training

One to One Photography Training

I am very happy to offer Bespoke photography training on a 1-2-1 basis as well as for small groups. This photography training is designed around the your individual needs as you seek to grow and improve your photography business and photographic techniques.

Photography training generally takes place here at my Sussex base but i can be available occasionally to visit your studio if required.For all courses taking place here at the home studio, there is a limit of no more than 4 attendees due to space and practicality. I like to ensure quality throughout my training rather than compromise things to squeeze and extra body in!

My business is located in the small town of Polegate, just north of the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne and is only 600 yards from a mainline station linked direct to London Victoria Station, so we are easy to reach!

Price Guide:

portfolio reviews

I am happy to accept a limited number of portfolios for me to review and offer a full and constructive critique. The portfolio should be submitted to me online before our schedule “meeting” so that i can review the images etc in depth. iI will then supply a written critique and then be happy to go over this via Skype or face to face (if appropriate).

£250 for two hours

business and shooting weddings

Learn how i can have the day’s wedding fully edited and album ordered in under 6 hours.

Learn how i shoot plus my lighting, exposure and composition techniques that really work.

1-2-1 £500  2-2-1 £800  3-2-1 £1000.00 per day

portfolio shoot day

1-2-1 £1200 2-2-1 £1600 3-2-1 £1900 per day (includes bride and groom model as required). Model release is used to enable attendees to use the images for marketing.

I will shoot and walk through each image in slow motion and then allow you to take your own images under instruction. An amazing insight and way to learn as well as produce some very special images that you will know you will be able to produce on a real wedding whatever the circumstances.

story telling and album design 

using the album design software that designed all my albums.

1-2-1 £500  2-2-1 £800  3-2-1 £1000.00 per day


All of these course take place here in Polegate, include lunch and run 10-4. Additional days available at 33% reduction

I am also happy to run these training days on a consultancy basis at your studio, Rates plus 50%. mileage is 40p per mile and overnight accommodation may be required.

For further information and to discuss your requirements, please feel free to give me a call 01323 486837 or email me on

You can see my wedding portfolio here and portrait website here.

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  1. Linda Atschreiter


    I am interested in attending a wedding photography course and your website caught my eye. I would like to tell you a little bit about my requirements and then see if you think that either one of your courses would meet them or if you can offer me a bespoke course to meet my criteria.

    First a little bit about me. I am used to taking portraits (kids, families, business, dogs – mainly studio based) and I use a professional camera. I shoot mostly in priority mode outside and obviously manual mode in the studio. I would say I have good people and posing skills but I have only ever shot one wedding.

    I would like to learn:
    Lighting – how to shoot weddings in all light conditions – low light, blazing sun, indoors, with/without flash etc etc
    People – groups and some posing techniques- bride & groom, bridesmaids etc
    Workflow – at the moment I shoot in jpeg. I presume RAW is a must so RAW work flow would be of interest.
    Album making – this is definitely of interest but not top priority

    What I am not particularly interested in:
    Marketing and pricing – these are areas I familiar with where I live (Switzerland)

    I am very much a learning by doing type of person, so the more time I have in a practise scenario the better.
    As I said I have a professional full frame camera and also a Canon Speedlite – which I don’t really know how to use to be honest!

    I would be happy in a small group but not a large one. One to one would be very appealing but this would depend on the price?

    Ideally I would like to not only gain the knowledge required to start shooting weddings with confidence but I would also like to have the beginnings of a portfolio, so practice with Bride & Groom models would be a must. In a perfect scenario I would love the opportunity to shadow you at a real wedding at the end of the tuition days.

    I would be flying in from Switzerland to do this course with you. My Mum lives in Eastbourne so Polegate would be an ideal location for me. I am basically open to dates/days but would need to look into coordinating flights etc.

    Do you think you can help with that wish list?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks and kind regards,


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