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Wedding Photographer Sussex

Wedding Photographer Sussex Barcelona Wedding

I always feel privileged to be be invited to record a couple’s wedding; the most important day in their lives. Its great that my job is actually my passion and i am so lucky to still enjoy my work.

Of course, the aim is always to exceed the expectations of your clients. They are the most important thing.

I had been photographing the family for 16 years or so and as a wedding photographer Sussex i was pleased to be asked to work for them again at such a special event.

After returning from a wonderful wedding in Barcelona  i was very pleased and flattered to receive this lovely message from the bride’s parents. Its lovely to hear that clients still can see the value of investing in quality professional wedding photography. As a wedding photographer Sussex it saddens me when i hear so many stories of post-wedding woes, where a couple’s attempt to skimp of their photography back fires and leads to a life time of regret as the images can never be recreated.

Dear Peter,
I’m writing to you with the hope that anyone who might be looking for a Wedding photographer will read this.
My daughter Stephanie got married a couple of weeks ago in Barcelona it was a 2 day event, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon till the small hours the next morning, both days Hot and Sunny !! Poor Pete never wavered as he and everyone else was in Tuxes with Black Tie, he must have been melting, moving around the venue at a very fast pace clicking away! in fact the amazing thing was we forgot he was there doing his job quietly quickly with confidence a true Professional.
We have know Peter for many years having taken pictures for various events in the past, hence he has become a close friend to me and my family, myself being in the wedding industry I know he certainly is the Rolls Royce of photographers, I have watched Peter go from strength to strength and is now one of the top Awarding Winning Wedding Photographers in the Country and he deserves it.
To our delight he agreed to come out to Barcelona to cover our wedding, he didn’t stop working, taking photos both Saturday and Sunday, I saw the photos yesterday ‘there were hundreds of them’  some shots structured and lots very relaxed of our family and friends.
Peter with his expertise captured everything that evolved over the two days, the most amazing story book unfolded of the weekend right in front of my eyes,  I started to cry all over again, of course with happiness xx
I cannot thank him enough for the support he gave me when I went in to a tearful melt down just before I entered the Venue on Sunday my nerves getting the better of me, he calmed me down and held my hand I will never forget that moment thank-you Peter x
So the moral of this story don’t skimp on your photographer don’t get someone because they are cheap they might have a fancy camera and have coverd some weddings the chances are they don’t have any qualifications or training you only have 1 chance as when the day is done its done!! there’s no going back and I have seen some bad wedding photography in my time, if you want an outstanding person who is genuine and caring works very hard has a lovely family and has 4 mad dogs Peter is your man.
Lots of love to you and your family Peter.
Jennifer and Ali Ramezan

Jewish Wedding Photographer


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Wedding Photographer Sussex