Family Photographer Sussex

Family Photographer Sussex

Family Photographer Sussex  The Coombes Family

As a family photographer Sussex, i love catching up with my clients. Its always lovely working with families you have got to know over a number of years. Being a Family Photographer is an important role, especially when there are children who grow so rapidly.

I photographed Karen and Tim’s wedding a few years ago at Michelham Priory and the Hydro Hotel. It was a lovely September’s day.

I have also had the privilege to meet and photograph their little girl, Lucy, since she was a very small baby. Lucy is now 3 and a half! Time has moved on so quickly!

The original idea was for us to walk to the woods around the corner, on the way to Wannock, to try and create something a bit different form previous shoots. However, it is November and the UK weather let us down as usual. It was windy, cold and wet. So Plan B kicked  in and we did the session here.

It was very dark indeed and i had to resort to using the modelling lights on my Elinchrom studio light as a soft substitute for the usually lovely window light i have in abundance here. The light was diffused through a large soft box and worked really well.

The session took about 45 minutes and was a very chilled out affair, which allowed Lucy to have fun and be herself. She is quite a character as the pictures show.

All the images were created on my Nikon D3s with the 24-70 2.8 lens. As i mentioned, lighting was from a single modelling light that was heavily diffused.

Family Photographer Sussex

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Family Photographer Sussex