Portrait Photographer East Sussex

Portrait Photographer East Sussex

Portrait Photographer East Sussex Priceless Memories

Family Portraits are Priceless!

Of course as a Portrait Photographer, based just outside Eastbourne in East Sussex, i would say that wouldn’t I?

I’ve been spending some time going through old files and backing up images as i do from time to time. I like to ensure my client’s images are well cared for and easy to source should they suddenly want a copy of something from a few years ago. We have every negative and digital files archived away from my 18+ year career and funnily enough have sold a few images and files to client who were married over a decade ago! So you never know when an image suddenly becomes important.

As i went through my literally 100,000s of images i came across many of my kids and in particular of our youngest daughter, Ruby. She was born after i started the business and has been subjected to a lot of my photography over the years.

I picked out three different images of her ranging from 4 years old to 15 and thought i would share them on here. I love the fact that i have these pictures of as she has grown and these are priceless to us.

The walking into the sea image won the title of Master Photographers Association Under 5s Photographer of the Year for the South East Region and was second over all in the National competition the same year. as ever, its a timeless, gimmick free image that has stood the test of time and is one of my career favourite imges.


The “Mermaid Street” images was shot in the beautiful and historic town of Rye in East Sussex a few years ago on a very cold winter’s day and i used the road name to relate to her love of mermaids at the time.


The last shot is of Ruby with Miss Higgle our Boston Terrier. They are very close, especially as we brought Higgle home on Ruby’s 14th birthday last year.


Portrait Photographer East Sussex

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Portrait Photographer East Sussex