History Repeating Itself

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

Over the years i have been fortunate to photograph in excess of 1000 weddings. Many of those have come my way by direct recommendation. Often friends or colleagues and, of course, family of past couples.

I’m currently going though old hard drives and came across these two images.

The first wedding was back in 2008 and was black and white candid moment of two lovely sisters and their reflection in the mirror of the halfway at their parent’s home.

A few years later, i was lucky enough to photograph the younger sister’s very special day and we recreated the original with a slight twist. This one was posed and, obviously different by being in colour.

Its always going amazing going on to work again for a family, being trusted to record very special events within their personal family history. Its a privilege as everything needs to right, as it has to last a lifetime or beyond.

Both lovely sisters were married at the same family church and had receptions at the wonderful Eastwell Manor.

I always love going through old images and remembering the stories behind them and i hope my clients do too. My job is all about creating memories.