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With us being in lock down due to the understandable government restrictions during these terrible times of Coronavirus. I have been taking the opportunity to review my past work and ideas. During the usual hectic life of being a professional wedding and portrait photographer, its so easy to get bogged down in the day to day running of the business.
This is the 24th year of my professional career, during which i’ve been fortunate to cover in excess of 1000 weddings of all sizes and types. These have taken place all over the UK and even into Europe!
Add into the mix a number of portrait shoots and other commissions each year, its easy to see where the time gets lost when combined with family life.

Anyway I digress.

I have recently been taking stock and discovering images from the archives, including older weddings that were shot back on good old film. I loved the feel and mystery of shooting film and can still remember the excitement and anticipation (ok stress and worry) of waiting for the lab to deliver the negatives, prints and in latter years, scans of the photographs I’d created. Back then it was much tougher to shoot weddings as unless you really knew what you were doing, it was a slippery slope to the bottom. There were no screens to check what you were doing. No real access to Photoshop to use as a get out of jail free card and hand retouching artists were very expensive! And you couldn’t afford to shoot 1000s of frames in hope of getting enough good images! These days, even with digital capture, I only shoot what I need to do the best job I can on the day.
Anyway, I came across a brilliant wedding that I remember shooting in February 2003 at the amazing Nutfield Priory near Redhill. It jumped out, as at the time, I used the photographs for a special sample album and because i’ve recently had the pleasure of shooting a couple of corporate events there. Such a lovely building and staff.
I thought I’d share a few images. These were all shot on my old trusty (and long gone) Nikon F5. Back then I shot on Fuji NPH400 and Fuji Chromogenic Film (both 35mm).

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Nutfield Priory Bride and Groom b+w
Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory Main Hall
Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory Bride
Nutfield Priory