Wedding Stories

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

A huge part of my wedding photography has always been story telling. Telling the story as the day unfolds.So how do I tell the tale? I try to include layers into my images and will try to share a few over the coming days with my thoughts.

As a rule of thumb, i never stop a bride as she arrives to be married. My thinking is that she already has enough to think about and probably would thank me for stopping her and making her pose as the pressure is on.
Most brides have dreamt of their wedding for years, if not all their lives since they were tiny girls.

This was shot on 1st November, at Rye Town Hall on a dreadfully cold and very wet day. She had intended to walk up the hill from her hotel to the square but wisely took the back up option.
The image tells us all we need to know about the day as she arrived. It shows how bleak the weather was. The umbrellas show its raining (it was hammering down most of the day).
The photograph includes the wedding car, a couple of groomsmen, the location and of course the bride as she gets out the car.
Any posed shots could happen later and she got inside dry and without being fussed.

This was shot 11 years ago and still an up to date image. Its timeless and gimmick free.
Being a monochrome image focuses your eye which isn’t distracted from and colours in the background etc.

Camera: Nikon D300
17-55 lens shot at f4 or 2.8
ISO: 1600 (it was really gloomy despite being the middle of the day)

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