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“A Kiss for Grandma” is a shot taken way back in about 2005, when I was still shooting film. The image was captured on my Nikon F6 which was the flagship film camera at the time.

I have always actively looked for reflections to enhance photos, whether in water, windows or mirrors and love it when a plan comes off. This image was taken outside the church, near to the bridal car. It shows the bride sharing a kiss and a moment with her Grandmother. A very special and timeless moment in time that can never be repeated.

Its images like this that really excite me and confirm just how much I love my job!

I anticipated the moment and had already seem the possibilities offered by the car’s wing mirror and with a bit of luck it happened just in the right place and at the right time!

Although it was captured on black and white film, even if it had been in colour as everything is initially now, it would have always worked better as a monochrome image to avoid distractions in the background and to keep the intimate atmosphere of the moment.

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