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East Sussex Wedding Photographer

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Kids at a Wedding

Here is another wedding image from my Behind the Lens series. This was actually from a wedding last year, shot alongside my good friend Claire Sullivan, at her uncle’s wedding. The wedding took place at the Warren, near Bromley. She was asked to shoot the wedding but as she was also a guest, she asked me to help. As most professional wedding photographers know only too well, its almost impossible to be a guest and do your best job as the photographer. I shot documentary shots through the day and then photographed the formal groups. Claire took care of the rest.

The image shows Claire’s two lovely children entertaining themselves during the drinks reception. Like most kids, weddings aren’t that of that much interest to them and as if often the case they found a source of entertainment while the adults guests enjoyed the wedding.

I saw Elsie and Sid playing cards and loved the way they were framed within the window and how they were in a little world of their own, totally oblivious to what was going on around them.

I went for a semi silhouette look to the image by exposing for the light outside and waiting for the right moment. Kids offer so many story telling elements to a wedding photography coverage and make perfect subjects for the final story album.

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