The Wedding Suppliers Interviews: Episode 4

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Grace Benson

In the latest Wedding Supplier Interview i speak with the lovely and very talented Grace Benson who offers Hair and Make-up services throughout Sussex and Kent. We worked together many times over the years and she is always brilliant to work with and around. Brides love her and i always recommend Grace to our brides. As an East Sussex Wedding Photographer, having a top make-up artist onboard is always a great help!

Peter: Please can you tell me a little about your background and how you started your business?

Grace: I started my business 10 years ago. Whilst I was at Uni studying Interior Design I had a part time job as a facepainter for kids.  This really started my passion for make up and once I graduated I realised this was the direction I wanted to take.

Peter: What does your business offer?

Grace: I offer Hair and Make Up services including, Bridal, Events and occasions, Shoots, Shows and Lessons.

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Grace Benson

Peter: What sets you a part from your competitors? Why should couples book you in particular?

Grace: I adore my job and love creating a look for someone to make them feel amazing so have a real passion to make it right for my client.

Peter: Where are you based and what areas do you work in? i.e. towns/ counties etc

Grace: I am based in St Leonards on Sea, covering all the surrounding areas such as Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Battle, stretching all the way through Sussex and Kent.

Peter: Do you have any particular wedding story that stands out? Please share it here if you can.

Grace: I have now been lucky enough to be involved with hundreds of weddings now and I know this will sound cheesy but each one is so special in its own way.  Being there in the morning with the bride on her most special day is a real privilege and not something I take lightly, so it is hard to pick out just one story!

Peter: I totally agree. Being part of a bride’s special day is always a huge privilege.

Peter: Do you have any exciting new offerings in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond i.e. new products/services etc?

Grace:I have been adding to my team and have an amazing artist who I can now offer out if I am busy.  She is fantastic and a real asset to my business so I can help more people.

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Grace Benson

Peter: Please offer a tip or piece of advice for brides and grooms considering booking the service you offer. i.e. what to look out for,/questions to ask/things to avoid etc

Grace: With hair and make up the MOST important thing for you is that you FEEL amazing on your day, if you feel great you will look great.  If that is with your hair down and no make up on that is what you should do.  If your normal is full glam then that’s how you should wear your make up on your day.  Communicate with your chosen artist and if they are the right person for you they will get it perfect for you.  Be You on a really good day and that is unique to everyone.

Here are Grace’s Contact details:


Instagram: @gracebensonmua

Facebook: /Gracebensonmakeup


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