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East Sussex Wedding Photographer

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

This beautiful black and white picture was created and taken by East Sussex Wedding Photographer, Peter Prior at the stunning Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. Peter has been their preferred photographer for 20 years and still loves working at the highest rated Five Star UK Coastal Hotel.

Peter actually shot this image under more pressure than normal. It was created under the watchful eye of 15 fellow wedding photographers who had taken places on his wedding photography training course. Peter’s workshops are full on and ensure that all the photographers leave full of new ideas and knowledge they had picked up form his vast experience and know how, when it comes to shooting exceptional wedding images and coverages for his clients.

To add even more pressure, the “bride” was actually a fellow wedding photographer as well. However, she had previously booked Peter to shoot her real wedding a year or so before. So she was one of his “real brides” to be fair!

The image is shot in the amazing Compton Room at the Grand Hotel, and shows Peter’s love for low key, black and white images that really add class, style and atmosphere to his albums. Peter always likes to keep posing simple so not to stress out his couples and this formed part of a series of pictures taken in quick succession under the watchful eyes of 16 of his peers (if you count the bride).

To view Peter’s wedding portfolio please visit his website here or his Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also view his portrait portfolio here.