East Sussex Wedding Photographer in Cornwall

East Sussex Wedding Photographer in Cornwall

East Sussex Wedding Photographer Peter Prior, shoots weddings all over the UK and beyond.

A personal favourite part of the world country for me is the South West. In particular, I love Devon and Cornwall. Such beautiful counties, offering so many possibilities for stunning weddings and amazing wedding photography. Over my career, I have shot many weddings in the South West of England, ranging from Somerset, Dorset, Devon and, of course Cornwall.

I am currently using the time afforded to me by the third National Lock Down to check on my back ups and go through my archives. Revisiting images from beautiful weddings is a great way to keep my eye in. Of course by going back through these images, I frequently see them in a different light from when I originally shot them.

So I am going to share a few images from my wedding archive. Many have never been shared online before.

Trelowarren Weddings

This image was a moment captured at a stunning wedding in Cornwall. It was mid- September and we were blessed with a beautiful day. The ceremony was late afternoon and the sun was getting low in the sky. The church was in Helford and the reception at the amazing Trelowarren Estate near Helston.

After the ceremony in the pretty old church, the guests gathered on the shoreline for drinks before heading off to the reception. It was super busy on the beach and roadside and it meant that I had to get amongst things with a wide angle lens. This images makes the viewer feel as if they are in the crowd and the flair from the long angle sun, adds drama to the image of the beautiful bride.

Cornwall Weddings

I then took the couple back into the “family” church for a few portraits and love this classical style bridal portrait, using just the light from the small window to the right of the frame as we look at it. I didn’t have much time so the whole set of portraits took less than 5 minutes to complete, before we set off to the reception a few miles way.

Trelowarren Weddings

You can see my wedding and portrait portfolio on my website here and my current work on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can view and purchase wall art and fine art prints here.

East Sussex Wedding Photographer in Cornwall


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East Sussex Wedding Photographer Peter Prior has developed an international reputation for an exciting and unobtrusive approach to covering the wedding day.

Peter shoots a blend of contemporary, reportage, documentary and fine art wedding photography, and his work has been described as having a "certain timeless elegance".