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“A certain timeless elegance”

I feel privileged to be invited to cover a couple’s wedding and offer a completely professional and warm approach at all times. I remember

that each couple’s wedding is the most important one to them. 

To help answer some of the questions that you may have, I have compiled a few Q&As.

It goes without saying that if I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is your approach to covering a wedding?
My aim is to capture the real spirit and atmosphere of your wedding day, telling the story as it unfolds without you really being aware that I am around. I want you to be able to look back at your wedding day with nothing but happy memories rather than having faced a long drawn out photo shoot
I hate being in front of the camera. How will you cope with this?
The majority of my clients feel exactly the same way. In the main, being asked to smile into the lens is a daunting prospect. I prefer to work quickly and calmly, allowing you to spend most of the day without having to give me a second thought. On average 80-90% of the time you won’t be aware of me, which in turn allows you to relax and enjoy your wedding. Too many photographers still feel the need to dominate the day and forget the real reason why we are all there! I just want you to be you!
Do you travel?

Yes. Over the past few years I would say that in excess of half of my weddings have taken place outside of my local area. I am happy to shoot all over the world, availability permitting. Please feel free to ask for a personal tailored quotation if your wedding is taking place overseas

Are you insured?
Yes. I am fully insured for you and your guests’ protection.
Are you full or part time?
I am full time and have been for a number of years. In these days of everyman and his dog picking up a digital camera and trying to shoot weddings, being a dedicated full-time professional wedding photographer is becoming unusual. However, this means that I am able to offer customer service and attention to detail that someone with a full-time career, however well-intentioned, is unable to do.
How many photographers will be at my wedding?

I shoot alone, although, on occasion, I may have a non-shooting assistant purely to help for logistical reasons. In my experience, most clients prefer my low key approach rather than having to face a team of photographers who find it harder to blend into the background. Being the sole shooter, allows me to focus on consistency of quality which it lends itself to a far superior set of images for you.

Also most “second photographers” are little more than a bag carrier with a camera set to auto, as otherwise, they’d be shooting their own weddings.

Do you cover winter weddings?

Yes. Many of the images shown on my galleries were taken in the winter. I love working all year round and thrive on the challenges that shooting in different seasons, and less than ideal conditions, throw up.

How do you cope with shooting at venues that are new to you?

I am very experienced at covering weddings that are taking place at venues totally new to me. I love working blind as this allows me to work without any preconceived ideas and helps to keep my work fresh and exciting. Again, last year about 50% of the venues were new to me and I ensured that I saw them early on the day of the wedding, in order that I could be well prepared for any eventuality.

How do you present your images?

I like to offer a complete service with transparent pricing. You decide on the date, times, length of photographic coverage, and then select the style of album you require. I only use the world’s best albums which can be uniquely designed to give you the best possible storytelling available.

 A huge part of my service to you is my storytelling and the way I design and edit your album and images to give you the very best in presentation. I listen to your requirements and ideas and on the day I include these whilst shooting the story that is happening around you. My images are far more than a collection of random snapshots, each captured to bring your wedding back to life. After your wedding, I then custom design the layout of your album, which is handmade as a one-off to my specific requirements. I use all the images that make the final edit and your album will normally be ready for collection about 6-8 weeks after I receive your go ahead.

 The benefits of this approach are

1: You don’t have to wait months for your finished album

2: There is no boring hard selling and design session after your wedding.

3: You don’t have to take time off from work to come and be subjected to an intense album planning session. As many of our clients lead very busy lives and may live a long way from our studio, this is one less unnecessary thing for them to worry about.

4: There are no hidden extra fees; you only pay an inclusive price which can avoid nasty surprises after your honeymoon.

5: You will receive probably the very best in album design and storytelling available today.

We live a long way from you. How do we receive our album?

This is quite a common scenario for us. Your album can be sent by a secure carrier for just £30.00. For couples living outside of the UK, we are happy to provide you with a quote to cover your needs

Can we have an on-line gallery to share our pictures with our friends and family?

I offer a complimentary web gallery for our couples. This is password protected for your privacy. Included is a secure ordering and payment section so that your guests can have photographs sent to their door anywhere in the world. 

To make life easier you are welcome to share this link to your social media accounts so that everyone can see your wedding day in full.


“STUNNING! Only you can capture someone’s true beauty and personality. I can’t say it enough. You have a gift.”


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