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Katerina and Paul’s Engagement Session on Eastbourne Pier

The Sussex coast is a dream place for a pre wedding photographer to live and work. There are so many fabulous locations on offer. This is fortunate, as i am finding my services as a pre wedding photographer becoming more in demand.

I have been commissioned to cover Katerina and Paul’s wedding later in the year. I am really excited about their big day. The ceremony is being held at the lovely Greek Orthodox Church in town and this is followed by a reception at the magical Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, one of my favourite venues!

We met about 7pm on the seafront, the evening before Eastbourne Airbourne. The prom was a hive of activity with workers still preparing the seafront for the huge influx of visitors that come every year to enjoy a huge free air show.

My approach to pre wedding shoots is to allow the couple to be themselves and then capture them in a low key editorial fashion, allowing them to appear almost lost in time and oblivious to the world around them. Paul and Katerina are fabulous together and this combined with a calm, sunny evening allowed me to create some wonderful images using the very special light on offer.

When i am creating a set of pre wedding images i like to shoot in a story board way, effectively setting the scene, using the environment around the couple, which really adds to the collection of pictures. I much prefer this approach to just having a few up and down portraits and more importantly, my clients seem to love the experience as well!

All of the images were captured using my Nikon D3s together with my 24-70 2.8 and 180 2.8 lenses. I am finding myself reaching for the 180 more and more. Its such a great lens and so portable compared to the much larger big zooms that are on offer.


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