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Wedding Photographer Sussex

Professional Wedding Photographer, Peter Prior is Awarded an Associateship of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

After over 16 years being a wedding photographer,  i finally decided to submit my wedding images to the British Institute of Professional Photography for assessment for their professional qualifications. A number of colleagues and friends had been urging me to do so for a long time, but due the shear volume of work, i had never had the time or energy to bother in the past. Finally they convinced me to do so and i took the plunge.

For me, awards and qualifications are far from the be all and end all. I am far more interested in pleasing my clients and hopefully exceeding their expectations time and time again with my work and the service that i provide for them. However, saying that, over the years i have been fortunate enough to win countless awards and receive accolades for my imagery. It is always nice to receive a big pat on the back from your peers and the judges.

As a wedding photographer i have always strived to produce something a bit special or different from the competition. Unlike so many of today’s newcomers to the industry, i was classically trained to use light and recognise its quality and direction as well as being taught composition and elegant posing. These skills serve me well as a documentary style wedding photographer. I much prefer to wait for the right moment in the right light. I always try to ensure that these images flatter the subject, rather than just machine gunning away like so many, in the vain hope of producing a good image.

The secret to this is having the skill set, patience and experience and to be honest there is no short cut to achieving this.

Anyway, going back to the news and purpose of this post.

I forwarded my panel of selected images and was expecting/hoping to be awarded my Licentiateship, the entry level qualification into the Institute. So you can imagine my surprise when i was called offering me an Associateship, which is described as being awarded to those showing “a high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability“.

To say i was pretty chuffed would be an understatement and this award has given me a huge boost as we move into the difficult winter wedding season.

Here are a couple of the images from my panel.


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