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Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photographer Brea and Dad

Over the years i have been fortunate to win a number of professional awards for my portrait photography. As a portrait photographer, i love to continue my signature look of relaxed, natural high quality, fine art images in the same way i create award winning wedding imagery. I have made a conscious effort to ensure “my look” appears in all of my professional portraiture. This goes for any subject from newborn babies right through to dogs and horses. I love black and white images in particular.

I have known Brea for a few years and have photographed her beautiful horse Troy on a couple of occasions. I have also been privileged to photograph her Mum’s stunning championship winning Miniature Schnauzer Gilbert. I love the opportunities and variety that being a portrait photographer brings to my work.

Brea got in touch to ask if i might be available to photograph her together with her Dad to celebrate his 65th birthday. Of course i was delighted to be asked and we booked in a date for them to come here to be photographed in my relaxed style, using natural light and fast lenses.

Dad didn’t know what was in store for him until they arrived. The shoot itself only took half an hour. I always prefer to work quickly so that the subject remains relaxed. The light coming through the large bay window was perfect and this enabled me to use the natural light, without have to resort to supplementing it with studio flash lighting to produce the results i was after.

The images shown are just a few from the session. All were captured on my Nikon D3s with my 85mm 1.4 lens shot at f2.8 around 125th of a second on 800 iso. The file quality is such that large wall art can easily be reproduced in stunning quality, perfect for any home.

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