Dog Photographer

Dog Photographer

Dog Photographer Sussex Angel Blue Boston Terrier

Being a Dog Photographer is my one of my passions. I love meeting a new friend, playing with them and just getting to know them and their owner. Then i work quickly to produce a set of stunning images to show off their individual characters and personalities. The aim is always to create fine art quality photographs that can be equally enjoyed as a set in an album or as beautiful wall art.

Malcolm, the breeder of out Boston puppy Yoda, invited me up to meet and photograph his latest little of “traditional” Bostons as well as Angel his beautiful Blue Boston Terrier puppy. He loves my dog photography and we get on really well.

Dog Photographer

Puppies are simply amazing to work with. They have instant cute factor and newborns (these were four days old) are great! I love capturing their vulnerability and of course they don’t move as fast as those that are a few weeks old!

I took my youngest daughter Ruby along to meet the babies and she was a great help entertaining Angel while i photographer the new borns. She also took the picture of me getting to know Angel.

Dog Photography

As a Dog Photographer i have grown to expect all sorts of challenges and  never get bored but fortunately, Malcolm’s fantastic dogs are pretty chilled around people in general so new Mum, Astra was happy to let me do my thing.

Angel just had to be cuddled and played with for an hour or so before she was calm enough to photograph. I am always more than happy to play with my canine subjects as this helps to build trust and confidence before i get the camera out of my bag. Once convinced i was OK. Angel was keen to play ball and be the centre of my attention for 5 minutes. Then she decided to have a kip with her Dad!

It was lovely to catch up with Malcolm and the pack again and i can’t wait until the next time.

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