Wedding Photography Training

Wedding Photography Training

Wedding Photography Training Meldrum House Hotel, Aberdeenshire

My wedding photography training is something that i take very seriously. These days there are so many courses available that it is a bit of a minefield for those wanting to expand their knowledge and art. Unlike a lot of trainers, after 17 years and over 800 weddings covered as a professional, not only have i experienced most things that this industry has to offer and throw up, i also generate most of my family’s income from my professional wedding photography business. Without getting too high up on my soapbox, it seems to me that so many folks are offering wedding photography training when they have only had a few months or so in the profession. Its madness!

Anyway, as ever i spent a lot of time refreshing and rewriting my workshop to ensure it is as current as it can be. The aim of my wedding photography training and workshops is to offer my all. I tell it as it is in my opinion and am passionate about teaching the techniques that have and continue to serve me well in the real world. I offer practical advice and tips that actually work in all situations as well as helping photographers to cope when they are up against it.

I flew to Aberdeen. It was my 4th visit to the city and i have to say i really like the area. My good friend Scott Hogg picked me up and kindly hosted me for the duration. 

Day 1 saw us visit another photographer friend Hazel Irvine who had helped to organise things with Scott. She had been liaising with Meldrum House Hotel, the venue for the workshop. Then Scott took me to see the seal colony on the North Sea coast before we met up with a few photographer friends for a meal in the city.

Day 2 saw us have a bright, sunny day. The workshop was sold out.

After a brief recee of the venue, i fired up the laptop and waited for kick off.

The morning was conference room based and then after lunch i demonstrated some of the techniques i use at real weddings. We were lucky to have three models. Calum Riddell a local photographer friend kindly offered to be our groom. He also arranged two super models from Gail Rose at Premiere Productions. Jessica Gomez-Banderas and Jade Collins did a fabulous job, working patiently with the delegates as they tried out techniques and ideas for themselves.

I would also like to thank Georgian Dress Hire for Calum’s outfit and Orlaya Bridal for the dresses.

There seems to be a huge appetite for quality professional wedding photography training and i receive many enquiries about my courses. Plans are afoot for me to hold another hands on workshop in Sussex in early November. Places are always strictly limited so please get in touch as soon as possible if you want to join in the fun and learn skills that will help lift your wedding photography to another level.

Here are a few of my shots from the afternoon session.

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