Dog Photography in Sussex


Dog Photography in Sussex

Dog Photography in Sussex English and French Bull Dogs

Dog Photography in Sussex is an exciting part of my portrait photography business. I love dogs in general and especially love photographing puppies.

George, is an English Bull Dog puppy and is just 15 weeks old. He lives with well known Boston Terrier and French Bull Dog breeder, Malcolm. Despite being just a few months old he is already huge compared to the others! He is also a sweet natured, crazy boy; full of life and surprisingly (to me) athletic.

I have been commissioned to photograph puppies and older dogs by Malcolm before and it was lovely to catch up, see the latest newborns and play with the pack. As an owner of two amazing Boston Terriers myself i was more than happy to play for while, before getting the camera out of the car to start work.

My usual technique to get to know the dogs i am going to photograph, so that they are happy to play to the camera. I watch how they interact and try to get a snap shot of their characters before photography begins. Once they are used to me being about and relaxed i then have to work very quickly as attention spans can be very short indeed.

Just like the rest of my photography, my preference is to use fast lenses and natural light. The window light at Malcolm’s is perfect for the results i am trying to achieve.

The slideshow shows a couple of images of George as well as one of Major, a stunning Blue French Bull Dog that i have photographed before. Major is a personal favourite of mine and it would be very tempting to try to leave with him under my arm!

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Dog Photography in Sussex