Dog Photography

Dog Photography

Dog Photography Willis the Boston Terrier

I love dog photography. Having 4 dogs here, means i understand how they operate on a day to basis. I love watching the way they interact together and they always make me smile as they play. I also photograph them a lot as they are with me in my office most of the time.

I was very excited to get the call to drive up to Hertfordshire to photograph Willis an 11 month old Boston Terrier. I left early to try and avoid the chaos that is the M25 and as luck would have it, arrived an hour early. After a quick reccee i went to meet Lisa and Willis.

The weather forecast was terrible so we decided to head straight to the park for some outside shots, both portraits and playing pictures. Willis was really happy to oblige and in about 20 minutes or so i managed to create some lovely images of him in action.

It started to spit about just as we made it back to Lisa’s house. It was time to chill, have a cup of tea and also to photograph Willis indoors. I love shooting in low light and the mood that this can create.

After a couple of outfit changes for Willis (best collar and jumper), i was done. It was also great to meet the rest of the family too!

Unfortunately the journey home wasn’t as easy as the trip up. it took twice as long as it should have. The combination of the M25, M23 and A27 traffic and torrential rain, meant it was a long long drive. However, looking at the images as i edit them, it was well worth the trip!

All the images in the slideshow were captured on my Nikon D3s and 24-70 2.8 and 180 2.8 lenses.


Dog Photography

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Dog Photography