Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects for a couple to consider when planning their wedding. The photographs are the only thing they will have left to look back on for years and hopefully generations, long after the memory of such an important day have receded. Memories fade but hopefully their pictures won’t.

A huge problem of the modern digital world is the huge numbers of important images that are only ever seen loaded onto a computer hard drive. My guess is that they are stored there never to be seen again. Technology moves on and said discs and computers may no longer be compatible with the latest toys. Who can still access their venerable floppy discs? Modern computers are already being supplied sans a disc drive and its only a matter of time that clients who decided to go for a disc only option as it was the cheaper option, come unstuck. Of course the sensible will have backed them up onto hard drives, clouds etc but i am sure many will not continue to update each time technology moves on. 

Family photographs have always been very important to me. They are our little piece of personal history and as we all get older its great to be able to dig out old images and look back, explain things to younger family members and relive warm and happy moments from our earlier lives. With the current “digital culture” and “cheap disc only options” its sad to think that so many of these priceless pictures are in danger of being lost forever in the medium to long term. There is a real danger that many couple’s children and grandchildren will never get to see their wedding photographs. Of course most wedding albums include images of parents, grandparents and many other close family and friends and these images are also in danger of being lost for eternity.

Here, we really push high quality wedding albums. Of course, due to modern pressures, we do offer digital packages but always stress the potential pitfalls and long term regrets. 

There are “wedding albums” and “WEDDING ALBUMS” of course…

All of our albums are exclusively hand crafted to order as one offs. They are made by the world’s leading album craftsmen with an amazing attention to detail. The way the pages are bound makes a huge difference to their longevity and the pages themselves are of the highest quality. Then our prints are produced by the very best professional printers, using the very best papers and chemistry to ensure true colour reproduction and fabulous depth in our prints. These prints won’t fade away in the way so many cheaper options do.

In short our world class wedding albums will stand the test of time and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

There are much cheaper options and many wedding photographers are keen to offer them or no albums at all. But as with most things in life cheap is cheap for a reason. Many have inferior printing, poor binding and may lose pages quite quickly.

I am passionate that every couple should be able to enjoy high quality memories for their lifetime and beyond and it saddens me that despite them spending a small (or large fortune) on the most important day in their lives, they are happy to almost waste money by saving a few pounds on the only thing they will have left long after the day has faded from their their memories.

One of the great things about high quality wedding albums is that years later its good to be able to get them out and relive your wedding day with family and friends. Wedding albums are more than a set of pictures in a book: they are family history, emotions and full of unrepeatable memories.

We have 5 or 6 albums here, showing full weddings, and are very happy to invite clients over to see the difference themselves. They show different features and styles but have one thing in common: their quality!

The photos below are of one of very special fusion albums. Please get in touch if you want further information or to book an appointment to see the whole range.



Wedding Albums

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Wedding Albums