Horsted Place Weddings

Horsted Place Weddings

Horsted Place Weddings Rachael and Andrew

I love covering winter weddings. They throw up a completely different set of challenges to a professional wedding photographer; challenges i thrive on as i have a passion for low light shooting!

Rachael and Andrew booked me on recommendation almost a year before their wedding day. Their venue, Horsted Place is a favourite of mine so i was really looking forward to being apart of their special day.

They had a civil wedding ceremony in the library with Rachael being played in by a harpist. The registrar’s sense of humour really lightened the mood and had everyone in stitches.

Then it was into the lounges for drinks and more laughter before a big group shot on the front steps to the house. I don’t think i have ever seen so much confetti!

Rachael and Andrew had requested that there were very few formal and posed photos and this meant that everyone was allowed to relax completely and the day to really flow without interruption. 

The meal and speeches followed in the elegant Morning Room before they were joined by an influx of evening guests for a party.

This, again, provided me with plenty of opportunities to capture some relaxed and fun moments to really show the atmosphere and story of the real wedding.

The first dance was then followed by a very nice buffet…i was fortunate to enjoy it too before slipping away into the night after having genuinely enjoying a fabulous wedding celebration.

Horsted Place weddings are always a bit special but i have to say the atmosphere of Rachael and Andrew’s wedding day was exceptional.

The slideshow shows just a few moments.


Horsted Place Weddings

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Horsted Place Weddings