Wedding Stories

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

As part of my Behind the Lens series, I thought I would share one of my career favourite images. The wedding was held at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

All of the images that I captured or created were taken inside. This wasn’t a problem as the interior was very grand and offered a number of great opportunities.

I was originally recommended to the Bride and Groom by one of my all time favourite brides and she was a guest at this beautiful wedding.

This is actually a candid image, captured during a brief break in a short portrait session i had with the bride and groom. The whole session probably only took 5-10 minute,s as they wanted great images, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time having the pictures taken. I had just shot a couple of portraits of the bride and then asked the groom to join us for a few couple ideas I had. As i watched, this moment happened naturally in front of me and I noticed their reflection in the glass of the painting. To include it all within the frame, I had to balance on one leg to create the angle.

Lighting is by window light off the right of the image and the warmth is created by the room lighting. I love to include mixed lighting sources to add atmosphere. The exposure was already locked into the camera from the portraits i’d just been creating next to the window.

People often ask how I manage to grab these moments or question how “candid” they are. The trick is to always be alert and aware. Posed photos can often create opportunities and open the couple up in front of the lens. At times you can suddenly become invisible to them, even if you are a few feet away! Knowing your kit inside out, remaining focused, vast experience and having an understanding of light and exposure all helps you to bring things together time after time.

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