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Devon Wedding Photographer Peter Prior, talks about why Choosing Your Wedding Photographer is a not a task for the feint hearted and full of potential pit falls. In short it is a bit of a minefield!

Newton Abbot Wedding Photographer, Peter Prior, shoots weddings all over the UK and beyond. Devon Wedding Photographer Peter Prior, is based in the stunning village of Kingskerswell in South Devon and is available to cover weddings in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, the South West of England, East Sussex and UK wide.

Choosing your wedding photographer is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your wedding is a one off event; probably the most important day in your lives. The wrong decision can leave you with a lifetime of regrets.

Long after the dress is packed away, the flowers have died, the food is eaten and memories fade, your wedding album, is the one real thing left to bring back all those wonderful memories. Over time your wedding album grows in importance and becomes a priceless piece of family history, full of never to be repeated moments in time. It will be shared for decades with different generations as your family grows. It will allow you to remember friends and family members that have sadly passed on and those who may live far away. Your wedding album is the one thing from you wedding day that actually goes up in value as the years go by!

Since the advent of digital photography, it seems that everyman and his dog is a “wedding photographer”. However, there are “wedding photographers” and “PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS”.

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As with anything, cheap is generally cheap for a reason. Below are a few tips to try and help you navigate through the minefield of selecting the photographer your wedding deserves.

Do you research as there are are so many styles of photography on offer. Once you have decided the bests type for you, make contact with your short listed photographers. Ideally try to meet up face to face or via Zoom for a chat. This will give you an opportunity to form a relationship from the off set which always helps in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything that concerns you or that your are unclear about. It is important that you know what you are singing up for. Equally, it is very important that the photographer is a good fit for you in terms of style and what he or she offers. An experienced professional photographer will be happy to answer your questions and should be able to put your mind at rest.

• Try to view a set of complete weddings from the photographer to ensure he/she can cope with a wide range of scenarios that a wedding can throw up.
• You’re looking for a high level of consistency throughout the coverage.
• Check that he/she is insured for your protection.
• Ensure the work you view, is that of the photographer who will be shooting your wedding.
• Check more than one photographer, just to get a feel for the standards you should expect.
• Go on personal recommendation.
• Consider why a photographer is priced as he/she is. Cheap is generally cheap for a reason and dearer photographers generally offer a more professional service, higher standards of photography and vast experience. Weddings shouldn’t be taken lightly or seen as a way for a new photographer to practice. There is no second chance to get your pictures right!
• Ask what you will actually end up paying, rather than being sucked in by a low starting price, only to find out that you will end up paying far more after your wedding.
• Ideally, view the finished sample albums to check on the quality of the prints and books first hand.

As a wedding photographer who is based in Devon, but available to shoot weddings all over the UK and beyond, I feel that a couple should feel comfortable with their choice. Ideally they book someone they feel relaxed around, who has plenty of experience and is able to cope with every possibility in terms of weather, timings and styles of weddings etc. If they feel confident in their chosen photographers abilities, they will enjoy the day more and receive a far better set of wedding images that if they just go for the budget option.

I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for 24 years so far. I have had the privilege of covering in excess of 1000 weddings and still get a thrill out of each one! My next wedding is always my most important, no matter how small or elaborate it may be. I pride myself on the personal attention i provide to all of my clients!

I offer only the very best in hand made wedding albums. Each is unique and designed as a one off to best show the photographs of your very special, priceless day.

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You can see my wedding portfolio on my website here and on my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you want to have a chat about your wedding day and to see what i can do for you, please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07590 983418.