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Anna at the Royal Pavillion in Brighton

I thought I would continue with my stories from behind the lens. As an East Sussex Wedding Photographer, based just outside of Eastbourne, shooting weddings in Brighton is always fun. Its great to be relatively local.

Of course, being an East Sussex Wedding Photographer means that I get to photograph at the magnificent Royal Pavillion from time to time. Its quite unique and offers so much inside and out. Its over the top design and decor is a wedding photographer’s dream!

I love this particular image as it saw me win the South East MPA Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year and was Second in the BIPP National Wedding Photographer of the Year! Both awards were a huge achievement and further more when I won the MPA SE Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year, I was also fortunate to win the South East MPA Documentary Wedding Photographer of the Year the same year with an image that I may share here in the near future.

This beautiful, classical style image is timeless. Like most of my work, it was created to be so and to be enjoyed for generations to come. I try to avoid gimmicks or the latest fads, preferring to do my own thing using amazing light to create atmosphere within my images.

Furthermore, due to my experience and approach, stunning, classy classical style images like this don’t have to make a bride feel uncomfortable or take too long. I knew I wanted to take this image when we entered the Music Room for the usual fireplace shots. Anna looked simply stunning in this amazing dress, but I was conscious that she didn’t want to be posed for ages. So I had the image in my head, checked the settings, locked them into the camera, after the normal couple of shots that most photographers take there. So when I asked her to stand by the window, it was simply a case of a couple of quick and simple directions to make the pose as elegant as possible and press the shutter. The whole photo took me only about 15 seconds to create!

When i direct a bride, I am always very quick, calm and gentle, as I aim to make the whole experience relaxed and as stress free as possible. I understand that most couples aren’t models and used to being in front of a lens. Its totally alien to them! So the gentle approach works so well, as a relaxed bride makes for much better images.

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