The Wedding Supplier Interviews: Episode 6

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Bridal by Becky : Photo by Peter Prior Photography

East Sussex Wedding Photographer talks to Becky of Bridal by Becky today. Peter first worked with Becky back in 2012 when she was the make-up artist and hair stylist for the “bride” modelling at one his sell out Wedding Photography Workshops.

Photo by Peter Prior Photography

Peter: Please can you tell us a little about your background and how you got started.

Becky: I have been doing wedding hair and makeup for around 10 years now, having started off with an agency which taught me the business side of things so well, I’m now off on my own as “Bridal by Becky.”

I have always been an artistic person so doing hair and makeup fits perfectly as I can be creative! I absolutely love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else! 

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” 

Peter: What does your business offer?

Becky: I offer hair and makeup for bridal parties as well as clients who have special occasions or just want an extra special pamper for a night out! 

I travel to my clients making it that bit more special and saves leaving the house on the wedding morning! 

I can cater to any size bridal party as I have an amazing team of artists that I can call upon to help me! 

Peter: What sets you apart from your competition and why should couples book your services in particular?

Becky: I’ve been told I’m a very calming influence and like to think that I offer a quite informal approach to my wedding mornings which puts my clients at ease as it’s just like having an extra friend around on the wedding morning! 

I make sure the morning runs smoothly by running to a schedule and it also helps that I work pretty quickly, leaving more time for my clients to enjoy their champagne!

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Bridal by Becky : Photo by Peter Prior Photography

Peter: Where are you based and which areas do you work in please?

Becky: I am based in Reigate however have travelled as far as Tuscany and Spain for weddings! 

I tend to stick to the Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire areas for weddings however that’s not to say I can’t travel to you in London/Kent if requested! 

Would love to do weddings in places such as Santorini/Mykonos/Como though so if you’re reading this get in touch and id be more than happy to help.

I’m lucky enough to work at venues such as Horsley Towers, Nutfield Priory, Botleys Mansion, Botley Hill farmhouse and Millbridge Court quite regularly! 

Peter: Do you have any particular wedding story that stands out please?

Becky: A wedding that stands out to me is definitely the one I did in Spain! 

My brides best friend had booked me as a surprise for her hen party after having met them the year before where they had hair and makeup done as bridesmaids. 

She had booked a Spanish hair and makeup artist for her wedding however the day after the hen party she rang me and asked if I would fly to Spain to do her hair and makeup! 

Unfortunately I had a wedding the day before and the day after her date so I couldn’t make a mini trip out of it but I did travel there and back in a day! 

Although very tiring it was an amazing experience and the venue was so beautiful! 

Peter: Do you have any exciting new offerings in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond?

Becky: 2021 is set to be a very busy year for all of us wedding suppliers due to all the unfortunate events which have left lots of couples needing to postpone their weddings! 

So I am going to be taking on even more weddings that I usually do to hopefully be able to cater to all of my moved 2020 weddings too! 

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Bridal by Becky

Peter: Please offer a tip or piece of advice for brides and grooms considering booking the services you offer.

Becky: My tip for brides in relation to hair and makeup is definitely PREP! 

Make sure your skin is well moisturised in the lead up to the wedding day, brows are tamed and hair is not too clean! (Sounds horrible I know but very clean hair is really difficult to work with as it’s so silky!) 

Lastly, remember it’s YOUR day, try not to worry too much about pleasing everyone else and just enjoy it yourself, with your future husband/wife to be!

To contact Becky please use the links below.

Tel: 07841 386692



East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Bridal by Becky: Photo by Peter Prior Photography

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