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East Sussex Wedding Photographer

East Sussex Wedding Photographer Peter Prior shares another image from his Behind the Lens series. This photograph was taken way back in 2005 when he was still shooting film on Nikon and Leica 35mm cameras.

East Sussex Wedding Photographer
Flowergirl Lost in Thought

This particular picture was captured on my Nikon F6 on 400 speed film, set at 320iso. The film would have been Ilford XP2 back then or Fuji’s equivalent, the name of which I can’t remember.

The wedding was a two day affair. Day one (Friday) was a ceremony at Richmond Register Office followed by a reception at a lovely pub/restaurant that the wedding took over. Day two was an evening reception held in a mansion in Temple Place, Central London. In short it was a amazing weekend and this was capped off by me flying to Las Vegas on the Sunday morning to attend WPPI and the first ever DWF Convention.

The image came about while I was waiting for Claire, the bride, to get dressed and in the large conservatory I discovered one of her young daughters just sitting on the step, miles away in deep thought. I worked quickly and quietly and shot this by available light. I love the scale of the giant toy teapot and this is certainly a timeless portrait whether it was captured at her mother’s wedding or during a family portrait session.

This image came back into my thoughts when out of the blue, I received an email and then calls from Claire, to order some fine art prints as well as a number of other reprints for her wedding 15 years ago! It was amazing to catch up and to hear how the girls have now grown up. We are going to meet up later in the summer to put together a second wedding album of highlights as well. I love keeping in touch with clients and working with them to create new family memories.

This image is going to be a piece of wall art for the family top treasure forever.

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