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East Sussex Wedding Photographer Peter Prior shares another image from his Behind the Lens series.

I have been photographing weddings for over 24 years and during that time I have been fortunate to work at some of the very best venues in the UK and beyond. Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex is certainly one of the very best wedding venues in the country. It has everything from amazing parkland, woods, a stunning lake as well as architecture to die for! I have been very privileged and proud to have been a recommended and preferred Ashdown Park Hotel Wedding Photographer for the past 15 years and during that time, I have probably photographed more than 60 weddings of all styles, sizes and at all times of the year.

One of my passions is photographing bride and grooms inside and in low or challenging light. I love the atmosphere low light can bring to an image and combined with the amazing interior of the hotel, especially in the chapel. There is so much scope to produce amazing posed images that stand apart from the guest photos or images that the average wedding photographer can produce.

I always like to go with the environmental light, be it window light or that produced by artificial lighting chosen by the couple, to compliment the feel and atmosphere they desire. Of course to achieve this, I almost never use flash as this can over power the atmosphere produced.

I love this cake cutting image from a wedding a couple of years ago. Taken late into the evening, just before the first dance, the lighting designed by the couple with their wedding designers was very dramatic and very “RED”. I could have reached for the flash but decided to go with it, and combined with the stunning stained glass and vaulted ceiling and arched windows managed to produce a very special cake cutting image for their album.

This photographed was created whilst standing alongside the guests with their cameras as a live action shot, so as ever I didn’t hold up the proceedings, ruining the moment! You certainly need experience as well as an artistic “eye” to work this way and produce these kind of very dramatic images.

You can view my wedding portfolio on my website here and my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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