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East Sussex Wedding Photographer

East Sussex Wedding Photographer

East Sussex Wedding Photographer Peter Prior ABIPP MCrGWP shares another of his favourite wedding images in his Behind the Lens series. This photograph was taken at a wedding near Dorchester in Dorset. I have shot quite a few weddings in the West and South West of the country over my career. I love it there and always enjoy covering them.

I remember that I had shot a Sussex wedding on the Friday and then had a long day covering a wedding in Central London on the Saturday. This was a Sunday wedding and after just a few hours sleep, I drove the three and a half hours to Dorset, arriving early to check out the venue long before I was due to start shooting.

I came across this photograph when I was backing up old hard drives. I always like to keep multiple back ups of images just in case and was doing some scheduled “housekeeping”.

I remember that I had just photographed the bride getting ready in the bridal suite. I waited at the top of the staircase and then as she walked downstairs to be married I hung back to capture this moment.

I love the movement in the dress, the richness and warmth of the mixed lighting and the “textures” in the wooden stair rail. It was quite a dark staircase and of course, this was shot without reaching for my flashgun. I wanted to retain the movement, atmosphere and mood within the picture and flash would have ruined this. The dress was a subtle pink so i also wanted to try to retain this colouration in the images throughout the day.

Unusually for me, I can’t remember the name of the venue.

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